Contract Address: 0x5A3853f7c3bA3FAC0a45E23CFf4b676BDF3ef768

About FEARLESS Token

Not all heroes wear capes, yet our frontline workers are the FEARLESS… no matter what is thrown their way. It is for this reason we have setup a charitable token where the community can choose where we will make our regular donations to support those who look after us in our darkest times of need.


Due to the relentless, unselfish and fearless work of all our first response services, we have formed a new crypto token “Fearless Token” which will show the world how important these services are to us all. We are a charity focused token rewarding our holders and supporting the various community-voted fearless frontline workers. Fearless Token wants to give back to those who have saved many of us.

From hospital workers to mountain rescue. From fire service to lifeguards. We have had a very long and unique 2020 and these frontline workers have worked throughout with many additional challenges and obstacles.

Fearless Token and our community is now going to support those who have given up so much to keep our communities safe and thriving. The DeFi space has exploded in the recent months. Yield Farming, Staking and Liquidity Mining have taken the space by storm, with participants earning by basically “locking” their tokens for a time. While generally great, these concepts have one downside: impermanent loss (IL). If you are farming/staking and the value of the underlying token changes significantly, even though you still get rewards, the value will be far less than if you simply held your tokens.

FEARLESS smart contract applies a 15% fee on all transactions (buys/sells). Out of this, 6% is automatically distributed to holders, without farming! This means the amount of tokens in your wallet will forever increase as transactions are made. This way IL is avoided altogether and in effect you get paid for just holding FEARLESS. In addition, the FEARLESS smart contract also takes 3% of each transaction and automatically adds it to the liquidity pool. The liquidity pool will continuously increase, which leads to a higher price floor of FEARLESS. The contract will also automatically burn 1% to Black Hole in each transaction made. We will allocate 5% of all transactions towards our Charity Donations & Operational Wallet for Growth and supporting those frontline workers that support us during our darkest times of need.

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Charity Token

We are a charity focused token, providing regular donations to front line workers around the globe. They are there for us, let us be there for them.

High Rewarding

We offer some of the highest rewards among all tokens in the DeFi space providing our holders with a 6% kickback on all transactions on the network.


The Fearless Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token.Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition & Burn

Community Driven

Fearless is a community driven token. All decisions are made by the community. Without the community, there is no token. We salute our holders and thank them.


We are completley transparent with all transactions. We will regulary update the community on how we are using the marketing budget and how much has been donated to charity.

Liquidity Locked

LP tokens are locked & liquidity is locked. There is no limit to the burn; the dead address will continue to grow, increasing the scarcity of Fearless.

Meet the FEARLESS Team

We plan to add members to the team as our operations and needs grow. First will most likely be our TG moderators. These will be vetted people that we trust. As our needs for more personnel grow, we promise to bring on only people who we trust and who exemplify our core values here at FEARLESS.
Garrett Maxwell