Contract Address: 0x5A3853f7c3bA3FAC0a45E23CFf4b676BDF3ef768


FEARLESS Tokenomics

FEARLESS is an autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol that aims to directly reward its holders, concurrently increasing liquidity and providing a base for charitable giving to our frontline workers. This is funded by a 15% tax taken from each and every transaction. Consequently, the protocol has a permanently increasing price floor, with all investors earning additional FEARLESS tokens just for holding. The initial total supply was 1000T. 70% was burned after the contract was deployed. 

Charity & Operations


Our token allows us to use 5% of all transactions towards Charity and continuous marketing!

Holders Reflection

6% Holders Reflectiion

Our holders are rewarded with 6% reflections on all transactions, Just hold and watch your balance grow!

Liquidity Pool

3% Automatic LP

Our Liquidity is locked and 3% of each transaction is added to Liquidity, ensuring stability in price.


1% Burn

We have burnt 70% of the total supply at launch, now with each transaction an additional 1% is burnt!

A Binance Smart Chain charitable token!

With the amount of scams / rugpulls and honeypots within this space, Fearless wanted to make sure our investors are comfortable and feel safe with their investment. Sure, our cause for making charitable donations to our first responders and frontline workers is our main focus. However, if our investors don’t believe in the project and are not willing to hold their positions, the project will not succeed. If we are not completely transparent and open, we lose the trust of these investors. It is for this reason we have openly posted our plan for our presale and public launch.

In order to get fully setup and prepared for a pre-sale launch, Fearless invited a small group of private investors to raise a nominal amount of money to get the presale marketing off the ground. We allowed a maximum of 16 people and put the maximum buy of 2BNB per investor in. In total we raised 25.13 BNB which will all be used to fund some presale marketing and spread awareness. The private sale rate at which these investors purchase was 1BNB = 1.15T Fearless Tokens. We have asked these early investors to hold their tokens as close to their heart as what we hold Fearless to ours and they have all agreed that they are in for the long run.

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Charity Token

We are a charity focused token, providing regular donations to front line workers around the globe. They are there for us, let us be there for them.

High Rewarding

We offer some of the highest rewards among all tokens in the DeFi space providing our holders with a 6% kickback on all transactions on the network.


The Fearless Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token.Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition & Burn

Community Driven

Fearless is a community driven token. All decisions are made by the community. Without the community, there is no token. We salute our holders and thank them.


We are completley transparent with all transactions. We will regulary update the community on how we are using the marketing budget and how much has been donated to charity.

Liquidity Locked

LP tokens are locked & liquidity is locked. There is no limit to the burn; the dead address will continue to grow, increasing the scarcity of Fearless.