Contract Address: 0x5A3853f7c3bA3FAC0a45E23CFf4b676BDF3ef768



We have created this handy step by step guide which will allow you to become part of the FEARLESS Family. It is recommended to read these instructions on a PC or Laptop, and follow along on with your Phone to make it easier. This will take approximately 15-30 minutes if you’re new to Crypto.

Step 1: Download Trust Wallet App on your Mobile Device
If you are using iOS, head over to the App Store and search “Trust Wallet”, it should be the first option with the shield logo. Once installed, you will need to enable the trust wallet browser on your iOS device by pasting this link (trust://browser_enable) in your safari browser.

If you are on Android, head onto the Google Play Store and again search “Trust Wallet” and it should be the first option with the shield logo once again.
Step 2: Buy and Send BNB to your Trust Wallet

You can buy Smart Chain BNB directly on Trust Wallet or you can buy it on an exchange such as Binance and send it to your wallet address which can be found on the Trust Wallet app. Press the receive button to automatically copy your BEP20 address; it should start with “0x”.


Use the steps below if you want to buy BNB directly from Trust Wallet:

  1. On your Main Wallet Page, Click the Buy Button
  2. In the list of tokens you can buy, Search for or Select Smart Chain (BNB)
  3. Enter the Amount you want to buy.
  4. Click next. you will now be diverted to one of the Trusted Suppliers, in this case it will be MoonPay, and will most likely be asked to enter your email address.
  5. Enter your Email Address, and Click Continue. You will now receive a verification code on your email. Make a note of this, and enter the Code on the Screen where its asking for the Verification Code. 
  6. Agree to the Terms and Services and Click Continue
  7. Complete the remaining registration form fields on MoonPay, this is required to make the BNB purchase
  8. Add you Debit Card and complete your purchase. It is important to note, that your bank may decline the transaction. If this is the case, please call your bank and authorise the transaction. Then try to make the purchase again.
  9. On completion of the steps above, you should now have BNB equivalent of the amount your purchased, less transaction fees.
Step 3: Visit PancakeSwap and swap your Smart Chain BNB for $FEARLESS.
Click here to go directly to PancakeSwap or use the code below to manually copy the address.


After you’ve copied the address, paste it into the search bar on PancakeSwap, selecting FEARLESS from the list and setting the slippage to 15.5%.

  You can also try the following:

If you are trying to swap 1BNB for 750,000,000,000 Change the last number to 1 e.g.  750,000,000,001  

If you get an error, increase the slippage to 16% and if you continue to get errors, round your FEARLESS amount to the nearest ten. (For example 534.23 $FEARLESS would round to 530 $FEARLESS)
Step 4: Check you've received your $FEARLESS in your wallet.

If you can’t see your $FEARLESS in your wallet, click the icon in the top-right hand corner, type in FEARLESS select ‘Add Custom Token’. Insert the FEARLESS contract address, write FEARLESS for Name, FEARLESS for symbol and choose 9 Decimals. Congratulations, you are now a proud hodler of $FEARLESS!